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Prosperity Accelerator Program

Prosperity Accelerator Program

Prosperity Accelerator Program is the perfect add-on for you to boost your financial abundance. With this upgrade, you will be able to attract prosperity 5X easier and faster! Module 1-3 focus on creating abundance and prosperity in your life, while Module 4-7 focus on transforming yourself into a money magnet & creating your own financial reality.


To download the files to your hard drive, right-click on the file link and select "Save Link As..." then navigate to the location on your hard drive where you want to save the files.

Module 1: Harness Your Inner power

The first step in understanding Inner Power is to understand the fundamental laws that govern the way that the Universe operates. The moment you truly master the laws, you step across the manifestation threshold. From there, you collapse possibilities into a clear ideal of what you intend to create. 

Module 2: 365 Manifestation Power

You are free to live in your own unique way with a strong identity rather than being a copy of others. If you strive for change, you would build a world of success of your own. Shake off the insecurities, confusions and doubts to enhance confidence, power and ability to attain your heart’s desire.

Module 3: Harmonic Prosperity

Presenting to you, the ultimate hypnotherapy series for success, enlightenment and becoming financially free! Listen to this series often to tap into your new found prosperity,  to bring your own success, and to boost your prosperity and financial freedom.

Module 4: 7 Distinct Difference Between Rich & Poor

Knowing the well-kept secrets of millionaires is the key to unlock the door of success. In most cases, wealthy people will tell you that there is no exact formula to become well off in life. The secret lies in the attitude that facilitates the flow of wealth.

Module 5: Money Chakra Secrets

To become a millionaire, you have to be committed to your dreams. If you're ready to assess your own life and take action to make a change, then this audio is perfect for you! These money chakra secrets is everything you need, and you are ready to commence the journey to prosperity!

Module 6: How to Build A Money Portal

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. But the key to being one of the richest men in the world is to know the essentials to bring all the luck you need. Although there is no exact formula for richness, there are keys that will help you unlock the doors to success. It boils down to an effective system that rich apply.

Module 7: 7 Vital Steps to Change Your Tomorrow

The future is a manifestation of the present deeds. If you want to change your tomorrow, you need to commence the changes today. However, change is a difficult thing to experience. Here are the 7 vital steps to help you create a more fruitful tomorrow.

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5X Success Super Booster

Subliminal Awakening Affirmations

Listen to the Universe's subliminal message to you through this 90-minute audio track. It’s a compilation of positive affirmations, hypnotically blended together to program your subconscious for success. This works particularly well when you’re executing a chore that requires little conscious thought. For example, doing house chores, commuting to work, exercising or going to sleep for the night. 

Attracting Wealth Through The Law of Attraction

Want to find out how you can magnetically attract wealth into your life? This PDF specifically deals with the implementation of the Law of Attraction in gathering money, but really it is about all making small and consistent changes that can help in transforming your life to a life of wealth and prosperity!

Your Unlimited Email Consultations

Our #1 priority is to help our Prosperity Miracles Members succeed in the shortest time possible. As such, we are happy to personal guide you through this journey together! 

You're entitled to our exclusive Unlimited Private Consultations with Stefan, do send in your inquiries to with the subject line starting with: [VIP] 

By doing this, the email/inquiry will be sent to Stefan's Personal Email Folder and he will personally be here to provide you with the necessary support/training you need!


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