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NEW! COVID-19 Special Edition!

We understand that many of us are experiencing increasing fear and anxiety during this lockdown period. As such, we have launched a special track called COVID-19 Elimination Track to help our members remain calm and prepared during this tough time. Listen to the track every day for at least 30 minutes to relieve fear and improve your immune system! 

For best results, we recommend you use a headphone if available.

Benefits of COVID-19 Elimination Track:

  • Overcome fear of isolation and social distancing
  • Eliminate pandemic panic and manage health anxiety
  • Build up immune system to fight against the virus

BONUS: AUTO Passive Profit System

OPTIONAL: This is NOT part of Prosperity Miracles

Good News! As a bonus, my business partner and I are conducting a FREE training PLUS Demonstration on how I managed to bag in over USD10,000 every single week on autopilot. Just by using this method, I have generated over $200,000 in profits in just last month alone. And now you can do the same (Starting By Generating $500 Profits A Day)

How to Use Prosperity Miracles?

Step 1: Always start with Breaking The Mind Reaper track before listening to the Prosperity Tracks. You can choose either 5minute, 10minute or 30minute based on the amount of time you have. Of course, the longer you listen, the faster you will see positive results.

Step 2: There are different set of tracks prepared for MORNING and NIGHT. If you're listening in the morning, after listening to Breaking the Mind Reaper track, choose from 1 of the 4 tracks under the Prosperity Track [Morning] section. 

Step 3: Try to find a quiet place to listen to the tracks in the background for Prosperity Miracles to work for you. For best results, we recommend you use a headphone if available. For beginners, we recommend listening to the tracks in the morning and night for the maximum results.

Note: Want to listen to the tracks on the go? Get access to our Easy Audio App now! 

Click here for FREE access to the Prosperity Tracks!

Breaking The Mind Reaper

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Breaking The Hidden Disguiser

You have to first eliminate the Disguiser in order to see real positive changes in your life! Remember, you have the power to take hold of the moment and manifest prosperity. This track will help you to eliminate all negative energy and start receiving abundance from the Universe!

Prosperity Tracks [Morning]

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Morning Energy Attractor

A daily meditation practice will leave you feeling present each day, intensify your positive energy, and empower you to achieve greater abundance in life!

Growing Unlimited Wealth

This track is designed to sink ideas of financial success deep into your mind. It's the perfect guide to help you grow unlimited wealth in every area of your life!

Prosperity Multiplier

This track progressively shift your prosperity consciousness, so you can easily raise your vibration, and multiply money & prosperity in your life, without extra efforts!

The Universe Whisperer

We live in an abundant Universe, with unlimited wealth and prosperity. Connect with the Universe and ask for things you desire through your thoughts and mind.

Prosperity Track [Night]

Unable To Access The Audios On Mobile?

Deep Sleep; Powerful Mind

With the power of this sleep meditation, you can rebuild your view of money and wealth from the ground up. You will wake up everyday closer to your dream life!

Activate Endless Prosperity

This track is your ultimate guide to realizing your vision and personal dream of prosperity. If you're ready for a major shift in your financial wellbeing, start listening today!

Money & Abundance Magnet

Want to become a powerful magnet to money? It's time to stop attracting negativity and time to start attracting real wealth, money and abundance!

Your Wealth Miracles

Attract abundance, wealth & money while you sleep! You can do so easily just by listening to the track every night and experience wealth miracles from the Universe.

Access Our Easy Audio App

Use Our Easy Audio App To Listen To Tracks On The Move

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Awaken Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of the seven main energy centers in your body. When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through your energetic system to increase positive energy and wealth.


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I Have Skipped A Few Days Without Listening to The Sessions, What Do I Do?

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How do I get a refund?


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If you encounter any problems with accessing your materials, just send us an email at and we promise to get back to you promptly.

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